Puppy raising


After the puppies are born, they will be checked right away and kept indoors for about four weeks as they gradually discover the immediate world around them.

Next, they will move to a pen in front of my kitchen and study window, where I can keep an eye on them and they can start to experience some of the activity around the farm.

Then they will move to a more open, but fenced-in pen, which currently belongs to Blümchen, the pet goat; she will be happy to move out temporarily to the even more temping pastures of the orchard, so that the pups can face the main track into the farm and become used to the movement of tractors, tankers, people and cars during the day.

Lastly, they will move into the main dairy barn and experience cattle and cats close up.

At eight weeks, the puppies will be checked again by a vet, have their eyes tested, be de-wormed, get vaccinated and be fitted with their EU electronic identity chips.

They will then be ready to meet their new owners and receive love and care from them in a whole new world.

It is of great importance that a puppy during the first few months is confronted with different situations (train stations, walks in different places, restaurant visits etc.) so these become quickly everyday normalities. A puppy cannot be left alone for hours on end or shut in a dog-kennel.


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