WTCH Copper Beech Mistress Yarrow RD DNA-VP "Holly"
WTCH S Bar L Miss Tessa RD DNA-VP x WTCH Misty Ridge Plainsmann RD DNA-VP)

DOB 03/12/2008

black-tri W/C
full scissors bite
long tail
HD A2 / ED 0
MDR 1 +/+
Eyes clear
Cataract (HC/HSF4): free (not a carrier)

Breeder Copper-Beech
Pedigree (click)

WEWASC Stockdog Merit Program 2011
10 th .place started ducks WEWASC

Stockdog Merit Program 2012
4th. Place open cattle

Trials in 2012
2 X High in Trial Open
High combined non-WTCH

Holly has typical Aussie characteristics.

She has a strong “will to please”, is reserved with strangers but soon thaws out and has a guarding instinct.

The great advantage of her strong “will to please” is that she is always willing to give her best und is always ready to help me where she can. In the house I hardly notice that she's there, apart from the fact that she's my shadow and follows me around.

When she's outside she is full of energy, I thought Tessa was fast, but she is faster. However when Tessa & Holly race, Tessa never lets Holly overtake her.

She's the clown of the family and exuberates with fun. Also she just loves water.

Sometimes I think she would be quite happy just to cuddle with us all day,
but she's also a working dog & she takes her work seriously.

Our cows were used to being worked through Tessa, but they also know as soon as a different dog is stood in front of them..

Holly was accepted very quickly & she works in a close space or out in the meadow with me, doing whatever chores are required of her.


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