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DOB 12/25/2012

Copper Beech Electra

Ivy has stayed close to home.
Sandra hopes to work with her as a search and rescue dog.

Copper Beech Sirius

Carlos has stayed in our extended family.

Copper Beech Castor

Cody is now keeping Lena fit and lives with the Pfeiffer family.

Copper Beech Mira


Mira has moved in with the Ney Family and has settled in very well.

Copper Beech Chara

Chara is now living in Solingen.

Copper Beech Kio

Kio undertook the furthest journey and now lives with Tiina in Finland. In the future she will be helping Tiina with her Aberdeen Angus herd.

Copper Beech Deneb

Finn now lives with his father
(and other family members) and will hopefully one day follow his footsteps and enjoy agility with Birgit.

Copper Beech Atria


Kessy now has to share Manfred with Inka (her niece). I'm sure they'll both have lots of fun doing Agility.

Copper Beech Spica


Anouk has moved to the Netherlands.
Here she can help Peter with his sheep.

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