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DOB 01/04/2015


Copper Beech Kajam
black-tri male

Kajam now lives in Flörheim with Ute and her other dogs, where he'll be able to have fun performing in Agility.

Copper Beech Gemma
red-tri female

Tyra now lives with Anita & Claus in Minden. We'll see if she enjoys dog-dancing or Agility.

Copper Beech Nunki
black-bi female

Meggie now lives with Lene Frahm in Denmark and will have the chance to herd.

Copper Beech Sarin
red merle female

Penny has gone to live with Heike in Bottrop.
We shall wait and see what activities
they participate in.

Copper Beech Kuma
red merle male

Mr. Chips has moved in with Fiona in Wuppertal. We'll see what activities he enjoys most.

Copper Beech Rigel
blue merle male

Loki has gone off to explore in Heppenheim with Natascha and Dominik.

Copper Beech Gatria
red-bi female

Tiffy is staying with me. :-) I wonder
how the cows will react to her in the future.

Copper Beech Syrma
black-tri female

Yuna lives with her sister Ivy in Kamp-Lintfort. I expect she will also have an exciting life.

Copper Beech Askella
blue merle female

Kelly now lives in Salzhemmendorf.
She can take part in agility with Ira and
hopefully will help Friedel with his sheep.

Copper Beech Alkor
red merle male

Floyd has moved in with the Bittmann Family and one day will be active with
Erik in agility.

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