WTCH S Bar L Tessa RD DNA-VP X WTCH Misty Ridge Plainsmann RD DNA-VP "Naishe"

DOB 12/03/2008


Copper Beech Master Saffron

Sato lives in Düsseldorf with Sarah Frey. He's started with herding sheep.


Copper Beech Master Chilli

Fonzie lives in northern Holland with Petra , Marcel, their other dogs and cats.

Like the rest of the litter he loves water and playing on the beach. With Petra & Marcel he's also started herding.

Fonzie enjoying his Water work shop.

Copper Beech Mistress Jasmin "Lilli"

Lilli lives in Straelen in Bildsorfer family


Copper Beech Mistress Clove

Kessy lives with Manfred Reimer in Bonn . She does Agility and like all her brothers and sisters loves Water.

Copper Beech Mistress Pepper

Ebby does Agility in Krefeld with family Niemann

Copper Beech Master Indigo

Indy and his family live in Karlsruhe and are active in various sports.

Copper Beech Master Dill

Oskar is close by in Kessel where he lives with Agnes and Helmut Mülder. He is active in Agility and Obedience

Copper Beech Mistress Yarrow

It didn't take me long to decide that Holly would stay with me. She's a quiet puppy but isnt't frightened of anything. Also she gets on very well with Lucy.

She isn't afraid of our cows and thinks it's great fun to accompany us when Tessa takes the ducks out.