Ozzie is looking for a new home

At the moment Ozzie, a 3 year old, red-tri (minimal white) castrated male is being taken care of by the dutch aussie rescuefund. He is staying with a foster family in the south-east of Holland where it is possible to visit him.Ozzie is a son of WTCH SBarL Miss Tessa RD X WTCH Misty Ridge Plainsmann RD.

Ozzie grew up with a family in Holland who have 2 children 9 und 14 years old. There have been a lot of children visiting and although Ozzie was socialised with children, this proves to be a problem for him when they have eye contact with him. He prefers just to be an onlooker with children and not have to interact.

He is reserved with strangers.

Ozzie has his basic obedience training and had started with agility and herding.

For Ozzie we are looking for a home without children. Someone who can take over the leadership for him, who he can rely on. He has a strong will to please, and although he might want to take over the role of being boss, this is not what he needs. He needs to be shown the way and would be trainable for various dog sports and herding.


For further information please contact either www.aussierescuefund.nl/beschikbaar.htm or carolina@copper-beech.de