DOB 08/22/03

black tri w/c
full scissors bite
long tail
HD A2 / ED 0
Eyes clear
MDR1 +/+
Breeder S Bar L


Tessa's daily jobs

WTCH S Bar L Miss Tessa RD DNA-VP

WEWASC Stockdog Merit Program 2005
7 th . Started cattle

WEWASC Stockdog Merit Program 2006
10 th .place started cattle
8 th . Place started sheep

WEWASC Stockdog Merit Program 2007
8 th . Open sheep
3 rd . started ducks
1 st . open cattle

The time came that I was fed-up with running around the cows to fetch them in for milking& decided that a dog would be far more suitable for the job. Molly my chocolate Labrador definitely wasn't suitable.

My research started. It took quite few years & various conversations until one day I discovered an article in a farming magazine about Australian-shepherds and their herding abilities. The more I read about the breed, the more convinced I became that an Aussie was the dog I needed. A dual-purpose dog.

On our farm we don't need a dog to work all day & the rest of it's time it should be a family dog. Through recommendation I contacted Sandra Zilch & a year later Tessa moved in with us.

I must admit my husband wasn't enthralled that his cows were going to be chased by a dog & was very sceptical as Tessa moved in. When Tessa arrived, “she came, she saw, she conquered”! Straight away we all fell in love with her.
Our first tries at herding were rather nerve-racking. I hadn't a clue what to do, the cows weren't dog-broke, (it was a shock to their system) only Tessa knew what she wanted to do, but to begin with didn't do it how I wanted it done.

True, an Aussie is a versatile dog. Grandma & Tessa are heart & soul together. (Dogs never used to be allowed into the house). She has great respect for Friedrich, but enjoys bike-rides with him.

I'm the one responsible for herding & am always pleased to have Tessa there to help me.(At least she always comes straight-away when I need help moving cows from separate stalls to the milking-parlour). Nobody needs to run anymore when we have to fetch heifers home from the meadow, the only one running is Tessa! To move the heifers from one meadow to another, Tessa & I can manage on our own, we don't need the help of 2 or 3 others.

She's simply my voice, my extended arm. Perhaps I used to be to polite to the cows & would ask them to get up & go into the milking-parlour, & how come they always knew if I wasn't paying attention when I moved them from Stall to Stall. Nowadays they just see Tessa & know they can't play around with me anymore.

The children (young adults) are her playmates & as soon as they hear the car arrive she's at the door with a toy waiting to play.

Tessa is a friendly dog, & quite happily greets strangers. She's a well-balanced dog & no problem to accompany you anywhere, holidays, trips, train journeys. It's possible that when someone comes to the door, she'll turn on her heels only to return with a toy. We haven't observed any guardian instincts & she loves to meet children. She was easy to train & quickly understood what was expected of her.

She was rather over envious when we started herding but I think we both had a lot to learn. I think I needed to learn more than Tessa.

I'd never planned to trial with Tessa but it seemed a good way to learn more about herding & then I discovered how much fun it is as well. You just get hooked!


Tessa has managed her to achieve her started- cattle & sheep title. Last year she was first in sheep although it had been 10 months since she'd last seen a sheep.

I've critically watched Tessa's development & been pleased throughout the whole way. I've decided I need another Aussie. There are multiple reasons. To begin with because I'm so enthralled with this breed & I would like to see that the working-lines are continued.

I've thought a long-time whether that is enough reason to have a litter.

In the Autumn a well-known Border-collie breeder told me you always have to make sure you've got a replacement. That was when I decided Tessa should have a litter. For the next 2 years the puppy will stay with me & later Heike will train her as a therapy dog.
After a lot of thought about a suitable dog for Tessa, I decided on S Bar L Mohawk. Mo's mother Blue I've always liked & when I saw Mo in the summer he was very quiet, well-balanced & friendly to everyone. His herding style will compensate Tessa's. Tessa is a heeler & will head but it was something she had to learn. Mo has more authority than Tessa who to begin with due to anxiety used to bark a lot. This is something she has now stopped & only barks when told to do so.

2 years ago I visited a genetic seminar with CA Sharp, mainly because genetics interest me & to understand how various traits are inherited in Aussies. Naturally it is a help when you start breeding.

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