Tiffy's 8 healthy puppies were born on Tuesday, 23:04:2019

2 Males and 6 Females

4 of our puppies have moved in with their new families without any problem. Next week 3 more will be going to their new family. 1 Black tri male is still looking for a new family.

The first couple of weeks they were looked after by Tiffy and our family, since then they have met a lot of different people and our Kindergarten has regularly come in small groups to visit them.

We go for short walks around the farm so they can slowly discover different things. They are already used to the dog crate, going in the car and being pulled in our cart. Direct after their birth our vet came and checked them all through and now we've been to the vets surgery to be chipped and again to be vaccinated. They've been dewormed twice and they had their eyes checked as they were 6 weeks old.



Copper Beech Black Diamond
Copper Beech Onyx
Copper Beech Black Sapphire
Cooper Beech Black Jade
Copper Beech Desert Rose
Copper Beech Tanzanite
Copper Beech Star Ruby
Copper Beech Moonstone

the parents

Copper Beech Gatria OTDdsc DNA-VP „Tiffy“
and WTCH Crown Point S Bar L McMahon OFTDdm DNA-VP „Bear“


DOB 04/01/2015
Full scissors bite
Red bi
Long tail
Eyes clear September 2018
HD A / ED 0 /OCD 0
MDR1 +/+ , HSF4 +/+
DM free (not a carrier)
PCR free (not a carrier)
CMR free (not a carrier)
CEA free (not a carrier)

DOB: August 23, 2013
Reg. with: ASCA & AKC
Color: Black Tri
Tail: docked
COI: 11,4% Eyes:
Pedigree (click)

clear december 2018
HD/ED: A1 / 0
MDR1: +/+
HSF4: +/+
DM: frei
prcd-PRA : N/PRA (carrier)
CEA/CH: clear
CMR1: clear

I'm expecting dogs with a strong “Will to please ”who will enjoy working in various areas, such as service dogs and different dog sports and herding. Both dogs are very cool and confident when they are herding but can also relax when around stock.

If anyone is interested in this litter and would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact me either by mail Carolina@copper-beech.de or phone +49 2842 47583