My Goal

My goal is to promote breeding Lines of Working Australian Shepherd dogs that are healthy and mentally sound and capable of working with people and animals under all conditions.

Initial Care of Your New Dog

As a breeder, I have done all that is possible to ensure that the dog is free from eye disease, hip displacement and epilepsy.

No matter what the future intended use if the dog is, be it herding, agility, human therapy, rescue or simply being a faithful family pet, it is important to have a bodily and mentally sound dog, unfortunately even a healthy puppy can become ill and the new owner needs to take responsibility for its care in the best way possible.

It should be remembered that the young dog's bones and joints are as soft as a child's. Jumping from heights, climbing stairs and being ‘walked' by running alongside a bike rider should all be exercises reserved for much later, when the young dog is full size, around a year old. It is also important that the young pup should avoid getting fat by over-feeding or wrongly feeding.