Copper Beech Miss Honeysuckle "Lucy "
( S Bar L Miss Tessa STDcs x S Bar L Mohawk DNA-VP )

DOB 02/17/2007

Red-tri W/C
full scissors bite
long tail
HD A1 / ED 0
MDR 1 +/-

Breeder Copper-Beech

Lucy's photo gallery

I'm not planning on breeding Lucy"



From left to right, Mo, Lucy and Tessa

This young lady is just lovely

She's quiet, loves to be cuddled and I take everywhere with me.

So that Heike can reach her goal and train Lucy as a therapy dog, I'm making sure that she experiences as much as possible.

In new situations she's sometimes sceptical but it doesn't take long before she tries everything out.

Since she was 4 weeks old she's been confronted with our cows but face to face in the meadow she feels safer with a little support from her sister.

she can get along well with Blümchen

But she also likes to annoy her as well.

Inside she's so quiet you hardly notice her

But what's more fun than playing with other dogs.

Tessa and Lucy enjoy playing together; Tessa is still the one she looks up to.

(sie hat halt das Sagen) oder zumindest in die gleiche Richtung ;-)



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