Litters 2007

Our proud parents


WTCH Copper Beech S Bar L Jade JS-O GS-N DNA-VP HD A1 ED 0

Jade now lives with Roland and Susanne in Austria , she has been successful in Agility and herding.

In 2010 she was 3. in Europe's first MVA competition in Holland . Her father Mo was 1.




Copper Beech Mistress Caraway

Lives with the Springer family and plays on the beaches along the Baltic see.

February 2008
Carrie is trying out agility

Copper Beech Mistress Rosemary "Mary"

Lives with the Kremer family and their 5 other dogs. Later Mary will be participating in dog-sport

February 2008
Mary is already enjoying tracking


Copper Beech Mistress Peppermint "Peppy"

Peppy lives with Martina Weiss and her collie and is being trained as a
therapy dog

Copper Beech Mistress Ginger "Ginger"

Ginger lives near Dresden with other search and rescue dogs, which she is also being trained for.


Gingers Job

Copper Beech Mistress Honeysuckle

Lucy gained her first leg in started sheep in August 2008 in Hösbach.

When she was 20 months old she moved to Heidelberg with Heike. There she leads a completely different life, but has adapted without any problems.

We look forward to when she comes to visit.

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Copper Beech Master Licorice

Copper Beech Master Capsicum

Spends his time with the Klausner family, taking part in agility and accompanying them when they're out with their horses.


Copper Beech Master Cinnamon

Is Sabine Günnel's faithful companion, either at work or when she's at the stables.


Copper Beech Master Sage "Sage"

Sage enjoys different dog-sports with the van Boon family and their Hovawart Ashra.


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